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Bumper to Bumper Radio Phoenix AZWe go on the air every week to get this message out.  You owe it to yourself and to everyone else on the road to keep your car in great shape.  Your safety and your well being depend on it.  There is a lot you can do by yourself.  That is much of what we talk about on our show. But as soon as you know you are stepping outside of your comfort zone - find a qualified mechanic.  You will need to get educated, and be prepared to trust an expert when you find one.

Our key staff members have spent their whole lives in the world of auto repair and maintenance.  We want to share that expertise with you in an open dialog.  Please join us.

Starting his automotive career at the age of 16, Matt Allen quickly developed a passion for the trade and worked his way slowly up the chain, eventually purchasing his own shop and opening it in 1995. Interestingly enough, Matt was born in Arizona, grew up in Virginia and moved back to Phoenix as a young man. Matt Allen is not one to forget his roots. In fact, he decided the name of his shop based on his long history in the state of Virginia. When asked how it was to become a shop owner at such a young age he replied; "Running an entire shop at 24 years old was certainly not easy. But if your heart is in your work, and you take it seriously, you have no other option but to succeed."

Nine years later, disaster struck and a fire ravaged his building. The only reason that Virginia Auto Service was able to stay open was the fact that 3 service bays were still operating and capable of service. Against all odds, with the support of his customers and sheer force of will, Virginia Auto Service was restored and even received a few upgrades.

Not only out for personal success and fame, Matt Allen considers the success of his business to mean a level of responsibility to his community. By being actively involved in various non-profit organizations and charitable causes, Matt proves that he’s out to pay it forward.

Most Recently Matt Allen received the IMPACT award from the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. This award recognizes small business owners who have positively impacted their community through innovation, company culture or business achievements despite adversity.

Dave Riccio grew is an Arizona native who developed a passion for the automotive industry at an early age.

He began his automotive career as a service technician and quickly moved up the ladder because of his people skills. People have said that Dave Riccio has the ability to accurately describe the root of an automotive issue in a way that “non-car” people can understand.

After Dave purchased Tri-City Transmission in 2006 he worked closely with the previous owners for a period of two years to ensure a smooth transition.  Tri-City Transmission has been in business in Tempe for over 40 years. Under Dave’s leadership, Tri-City Transmission has been recognized by the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) as a leader in the industry and Tri-City Transmission has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award for two years in a row.

As well as the day to day work of running his business and being a co-host of Bumper to Bumper Radio, Dave is actively involved with the Arizona chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and has served as past  chairperson of the Better Business Bureau of Central Arizona’s Automotive Advisory Committee. Professional life aside, Dave Riccio enjoys mountain bike riding and spending time with his family.


Michael has been on the car repair and radio broadcasting scene in Phoenix for many years. He is responsible for many successful talk radio shows focused on consumer issues.

Michael heads up our partner relations department. To our listeners, that means he is the one who maintains our relationship with the Auto Repair Shops endorsed by Bumper To Bumper.

There's not a bad apple in the bunch, or Mikes butt would be on the line for it. Sure he's a nice guy and all, but Mike turns into a monster when it comes to telling the difference between a great shop, and one that's just blowing smoke.

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