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Good Works Auto Repair, Tempe AZ is the number one choice for fair priced, quality and efficient vehicle maintenance.

Centrally located in Tempe at the 101 and Broadway, Good Works Auto Repair helps to keep engines healthy with a focus on preventive maintenance.

Good Works Auto Repair Mile Marker Club

Good Works Auto Repair Mile Marker ClubOf course, we all know there's something exhilarating about driving a brand new car off the dealer lot and showing it to all our friends. But, all too often the excitement and the new-car smell fades around the same time as the third or fourth car payment comes due. The thrill was short lived, but the car payments keep on going, and going, and going... By the way, did you know that by keeping your car just five years after it's paid off, you can pocket $20,000 - $30,000?  That's pretty exhilarating if you ask us! 

We've known all along that simple, inexpensive car maintenance is much more affordable and reliable than buying new cars, but it wasn't until our own vehicle rolled over to 200,000 miles, that we started noticing that there are certain bragging rights that go with keeping a car for a long time. True, it is a little different thing than the glitzy flash of a new car, but it could be equated to paying off a large debt, putting your child through another year of college, or taking a FANTASTIC vacation on some remote island.

That's why we've started the Mile Marker Club. Whether you have a high-mileage car, or you have plans to keep your car for a long time, we respect that! We'll do our best to give you points on longevity, preventative maintenance, and cost savings. So, if you want to brag a little, ask questions, or simply learn from other like-minded car owners, click here join our Google+ community and introduce your car to the group!

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