HOUSTON, Sept. 13, 2017 -- Houston-based TAXA Outdoors Inc, the leading manufacturer of alternative RVs prized by outdoor enthusiasts, is unveiling an 18-foot travel trailer called Mantis at RV Open House, Sept. 18-22 near Elkhart, Indiana.

The Mantis is a rugged 18-foot-long camping trailer that comfortably sleeps 4 adults, weighs under 2,300 pounds and can be stored in a standard length and height garage. Along with Taxa's NASA inspired design and integrated plumbing and electrical systems, it has all the necessities needed for your outdoor adventure lifestyle.

The basic Camp Mantis is entirely run on two 12-volt, deep-cycle batteries stowed in the kitchen area or shore power with a 110-volt inverter, either of which can power the 12-volt refrigerator. The enhanced Trek Mantis also is plumbed for propane, which can be used for the two-burner stove, water heater and propane-powered refrigerator, with an optional Truma Combi furnace for year round use. Air conditioning is optional on either model.

CENTREVILLE, Va., Sept. 13, 2017 -- New research from Carfax suggests that drivers may be behind the wheel of more than 325,000 previously flooded vehicles. That number is a 20% increase from 2016 and a stark reminder to consumers to do their due diligence when used car shopping.

Vehicles reported as flood damaged by a state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), insurance companies and more have washed up in every state, and these ten states have the most:

1. Texas – 51,000
2. Louisiana – 29,000
3. Pennsylvania – 20,000
4. Florida – 19,000
5. Kentucky – 16,000 
6. Illinois – 15,000
7. South Carolina – 13,000
8. Virginia – 13,000
9. North Carolina – 13,000
10. Michigan – 11,000

Slow sales, good performance in the U.S. News Best Cars rankings and significant incentives make these cars, trucks and SUVs smart buys this September.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 8, 2017 -- U.S. News & World Report, the global authority in rankings and consumer advice, today unveiled September's list of the Best Cars to Buy Now. To make U.S. News' monthly list, a car has to meet three criteria: declining sales, strong manufacturer incentives and excellent scores in the U.S. News Best Cars rankings.

"Consumers are not only in a strong negotiating position with these vehicles, but they can also take advantage of some great incentives," says Jamie Page Deaton, managing editor of U.S. News Best Cars. "Every vehicle on the list also has great reviews from the automotive press, hitting the sweet spot of quality and value that makes a new car a smart choice."

This month, U.S. News Best Cars has identified 8 cars, SUVs and trucks that are sure to fit any lifestyle. Consumers can expect significant savings on everything from fuel-sipping hybrids, rugged trucks, sports cars and family SUVs.

TUSTIN, Calif., Sept. 12, 2017 -- In a recently released study about autonomous vehicles, automotive marketing consulting firm AutoPacific found that 54% of vehicle owners think that self-driving vehicles are a "good idea" and 23% are interested in owning one. The study contains results from over 900 vehicle owners who were asked about various aspects of self-driving vehicles, and also explores consumer opinions, expectations and the role of semi-autonomous features. "The automobile is moving toward increasingly autonomous technology, from lane departure warning systems to cars that can completely drive themselves," says AutoPacific president George Peterson. "AutoPacific set out to explore consumer opinions to help auto manufacturers navigate the best path to maximum customer acceptance."

Consumers interested in autonomy find the ability to relax or be more productive during their drive appealing, yet are also interested in being able to be in a more comfortable seating position. Interest, however, doesn't come without concerns. Rejectors and acceptors alike share concerns over vehicle hacking and still want the ability to take over controls if needed.

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 13, 2017 -- If you missed out on Labor Day deals, don't worry, many of them are still available through the end of the month. In fact, the expert editors at Kelley Blue Book have compiled a list of their top 10 lease, financing and cash back deals for new models available through September, including four offers of more than $4,000 cash back and several leases under $200 per month.

"This month's list of good deals on good cars features some of the biggest savings we've seen all year," said Jason Allan, managing editor for Kelley Blue Book's KBB.com. "With a $199 per month lease on our Mid-Size Car Best Buy of 2017 and $7,500 cash back on a family-size SUV, September's collection boasts a compelling collection of deals on a wide variety of vehicles."

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COSTA MESA, Calif., Sept. 13, 2017 -- While non-premium and premium vehicle owners are equally satisfied with the level of technology—and its ease of use—in their new vehicle, a degree of "lost value" still exists since most owners don't completely understand and use all available vehicle technology, according to the J.D. Power 2017 Tech Experience Index (TXI) Study,SM released today.

Overall owner satisfaction with new-vehicle technology among both premium and non-premium owners averages 750 (on a 1,000-point scale)

Satisfaction is highest in the large segment (777), followed by the compact segment (753); compact premium segment (751); midsize premium segment (746); midsize segment (744); small premium segment (739); and small segment (732).

The study, now in its second year, measures drivers' experiences, usage, and interaction with 35 driver-centric vehicle technologies at 90 days of ownership. The study provides subscribers with an understanding of opportunities for minimizing the gap between driver experience and execution. The major technology categories analyzed in the study include entertainment and connectivity; comfort and convenience; driving assistance; collision protection; navigation; and smartphone mirroring.

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13, 2017 -- On August 9, the California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) awarded a grant of $16,362,500 to Equilon Enterprises LLC a subsidiary of Shell Oil Company (collectively, "Shell") for the introduction of seven hydrogen refueling stations in Northern California.

The hydrogen refueling stations will be built in collaboration with Honda and Toyota, who will provide financial support, at seven Shell-branded retail stations across Northern California; three in the city of San Francisco, and one in each of Berkeley, Sacramento, Citrus Heights and Walnut Creek.

The Energy Commission awarded the grant through its Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP), which invests up to $100 million every year to support innovations in transportation and fuel technologies that help California meet its energy, clean air, and climate change goals.

The hydrogen refueling stations will be installed in strategic locations within the existing network of Shell-branded retail stations, offering existing and future fuel cell electric vehicle drivers high-quality service with simple and straightforward car refueling in minutes. 

PLANO, Texas, Aug. 28, 2017 -- Toyota Financial Services (TFS) announced it is offering payment relief options to its customers affected by Hurricane Harvey. This broad outreach includes any Toyota Financial Services (TFS) or Lexus Financial Services (LFS) customer in the designated disaster areas.

We at Toyota Financial Services care about the safety and well-being of our customers and want to help those impacted by the hurricane. Impacted lease and finance customers residing in the devastated areas may be eligible to take advantage of several payment relief options, some of which include:

  • extensions and lease deferred payments 
  • redirecting billing statements
  • arranging phone or on-line payments

Currently, national gas price average levels out

For the first time in more than 15 days, the national gas price average appears to be leveling out despite Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irma making landfall in the southeast. Holding steady for five days at $2.67, today’s national gas price average is just three cents more expensive on the week. With a seven cents increase, Florida, Indiana and Georgia were among the top 10 states who saw the largest gas price increases on the week, while some states saw gas prices drop by one to six cents (Ohio, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware and Oklahoma). At the end of last week, some Florida and other Southeast states saw consumers flock to gas stations to fill-up on fuel, causing some stations to have gas outages ahead of the storm.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Irma is weakening and will move near the northwestern coast of the Florida Peninsula this morning, will cross the eastern Florida Panhandle into Southern Georgia this afternoon, and move through southwestern Georgia and eastern Alabama tonight and Tuesday. Parts of Florida can expect eight to 20 inches of rain through Wednesday. Much of Georgia, South Carolina, and western North Carolina can expect three to eight inches of rain accumulation. Southern Tennessee and eastern Alabama can expect up to five inches.

Campus Body Salon Car Auto Body Shop Tempe AZ

Campus Body Salon Car Auto Body Shop Tempe AZ
(480) 967-4976

Campus Body Salon has been providing the valley with excellent collision repair services since 1973. With all the constant change and evolution, they strive to continue to educate their staff, both technical and office, to provide you with not only the very best repairs in terms of fit and finish, but more importantly in terms of safety. Campus Body Salon has worked hard over the many years to continue to have an excellent reputation with their clients, the community, and their insurance partners. They are proud of the fact that they are a direct repair facility for many major insurers and those relationships are not easy to secure.

Collision Repair

  • I-CAR Gold Class Status
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Complex Repair Process
  • Ethical Business Practice

Beware of the most inexpensive estimate.

We all like to get a good deal. But how motivated should we be when it comes to searching for the least expensive estimate in regard to our vehicle repair? Here is the number one reason why the cheapest estimate is not always the best option.
Outer appearance is one thing. But structural integrity and safety are another. When comparing estimates, be sure that the structural repairs are being addressed properly to insure a safe repair. Many items that appear as if they can be “banged out” compromise the integrity of the metal and therefore will not react correctly in the event that another collision is sustained.

Auto Body Paint

  • High Quality Economy Services
  • Advanced Basecoat/Clearcoats
  • Coast to Coast Warranty
  • Quick Turn
  • Around
  • Premier Service Center

Lifetime Nationwide Warranty covers 100% of our paint work.

The difference between a good repair facility and an excellent one is service. We understand and appreciate that "our clients" are responsible for the success of Campus Body Salon.
Campus has been serving the valley since 1973. There are very few auto body repair and paint facilities in town that can say they have stood this test of time.

Body Work

We make it right.
Has this ever happened to you?
Even the small jobs to us, can feel like a whole world of stress to you. We treat all the jobs the same, big or small, and take care of everything we can for you. Our staff is trained to make your experience as hassle free as possible.

The Repair Process

Most people would agree, complex is not always the best way to describe something your selling. Most scientists will agree that if the process is not complex enough the quality of the process is lost. Our product is a blend of 50-50 Art and a Science, so complexity is important. Most people are only concerned with the end result, but if your interested we've laid it all out for you here.